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Hurricane Katrina: 10 Years Later

Forecasters had warned that Hurricane Katrina would be devastating, but nobody expected it to cause the destruction it left in its wake. On August 29, 2005, Hurricane Katrina had its first impact on the American Gulf Coast. When faced by a natural calamity of this magnitude, the only option for you is to run. Katrina... Read More

Who Was Queen Nefertiti?

Queen Nefertiti is considered one of the most beautiful and powerful women of Ancient Egypt. Mystique surrounding her life and disappearance from Egyptian historical records still exists, reignited by the potential recent discovery of her tomb. Queen Nefertiti’s Early Life and Reign The mystery surrounding Nefertiti’s life extends all the way back to her birth... Read More

8 Unknown Facts About Cleopatra

Ask for facts about Cleopatra and you may get a blank stare. Some details about Cleopatra are the result of stories passed through the generations or glamorized in the movies. These unknown and little-known facts about the Queen of the Nile detail the intrigue and mystery of her life and death. Things You Don’t Know... Read More

History of St. Patrick’s Day

The celebration of the St Patrick holiday is held on 17th March of every year. It is mainly associated and observed in Ireland and also in other parts of the world where there is a predominant Irish population such as in the United States, Australia, Canada, Britain, and Argentina. The holiday is mostly a Catholic... Read More

The beginnings of the Appalachian trail

The Appalachian Trail is the Mt. Everest of the hiking world, read about its popularity here. It spans fourteen states and more than 2,000 miles, running from the Great Smoky Mountains north to Maine. It is rumored that the idea for the mountain trail originated from the dream of a regional planner named Benton MacKaye.... Read More

How Did Daylight Savings Start?

Every spring and every fall, we diligently change the time the time on our clocks forward or back, lamenting the loss of an hour or rejoicing in additional time to sleep. As a longstanding part of American tradition, it’s easy to change the clock one way or the other without taking the time to consider... Read More

History of Dr. Seuss

Theodor Geisel, better known as Dr. Seuss, has been a staple in American literary culture for decades. Known for his colorful, creative, and innovative children’s books, he has dazzled young readers for over 70 years. His most notable book, Green Eggs and Ham, is loved by children, educators, and parents alike since its publication in... Read More

Why Do We Celebrate Presidents Day?

What we now know as President’s Day began in 1885, and was originally celebrated as George Washington’s Birthday. In fact, according to the federal government it is still officially known as “Washington’s Birthday.” George Washington’s Birthday on February 22 became a national day of remembrance honoring the first president of America, a revolutionary leader and... Read More

Black History Month: Origins Of Kwanzaa

Kwanzaa іs а week long holiday that celebratеs the origins оf Αfrican American people. Тhe holiday strіvеs tо commemοrate thoѕe things thаt hаve helped thе Africаn Amerіcan cοmmunіty remain resilient. Іt was born out of thе civil rights movement аnd іts inventor, Ron Karenga, wanted to create a safe space thаt will not bе invaded... Read More

History of Valentine’s Day

Historians believe that St. Valentine’s Day originally began when celebrations were held circa 350 AD that honored several early Christian saints. According to legend, one of these saints–a St. Valentine of Rome–was thrown in jail for performing weddings between Roman soldiers and their lovers when it was expressly forbidden for soldiers to marry. St. Valentine... Read More