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History Of (Allegedly) Mad Monarchs: Part 1

History is fraught with tales of madness and emotional scars of leaders that never healed. Whether from birth or later in life, mental illness crept in and marred great leaders, foreshadowing their weaknesses forever. Many are the heroes of their day that lost their minds to sickness, never to overcome their burdens. From the beginning... Read More

Hong Kong Operating Separately From China

Britain raised its flag over the island of Hong Kong in 1841, officially making Hong Kong a British colony and placing the population of about 8000 under British rule until Japan briefly took control of the island in 1941. Hong Kong was eventually freed by the Allies in 1945 and returned to British governance until... Read More

The First Drunk Driving Test

September 10 1897, this may not ring a bell, although it saved many lives and avoided many accidents. Did you ever think what would’ve happened if the road was full of drunk drivers? September 10, 1897 was the day when the first man was arrested for drunk driving, which subsequently led to the Drunk Driving... Read More

M&M’s Origins In The Wartime

M&M’s, the candy with the famous trademark saying “the milk chocolate that melts in your mouth, not in your hand”, has quite the colorful history. M&Ms are small, colorful candies that are produced by Mars, Incorporated. The “M” stamped candy has a hard, candy shell that surrounds a filling; the type of filling depends on... Read More

Rosie the Riveter

Prior to World War II, most of those employed by the automotive industry were men. However, many men were called away from their jobs and homes to serve in the war. This left the automotive industry, which was so vital to the war effort, severely shorthanded. Women quickly sought employment, serving the war effort at... Read More

6 Famous Leaks In US History

Our country has seen its fair share of scandals. Check out this list of famous leaks that go down in US history. Top 6 Leaks 1. The Pentagon Papers and Daniel Ellsberg In the summer of 1971, the New York Times started publishing portions of what was later deemed the “Pentagon Papers”. Leaked by a... Read More

History of the Magna Carta

The Magna Carta, or ‘Great Charter‘, is an early English document of law. It was originally written in Latin. King John made it into law under oath near Windsor, England on the fifteenth of June, 1215. The Magana Carta is unique in that it was the first document of law written for the king by... Read More