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King Triumphes In The Battle Of The Sexes

Women struggled for equal treatment and equal pay in the 1970s and the tennis court was no exception. Once Billie Jean King discovered that women received far less pay than male tennis players, she accepted a tennis challenge from Bobby Riggs, who demeaned the ability of women in the sport. The Battle of the Sexes... Read More

Agatha Christie: The Queen Of Crime

Agatha Christie started writing at a young age and rose to fame as a renowned writer and playwright. Discover details about Agatha Christie as Ira Riklis share information about her work as a writer and her rise to fame as “The Queen of Crime.” The Birth Of Agatha Christie Born September 15, 1890, at Torquay,... Read More

The Beginning Of Wall Street Insider Trading

Insider trading fattens the pockets of greedy Wall Street figures and has resulted in serious financial crises for many Americans. Ira Riklis sheds more light about how and why this all started. Basic Insider Trading Information The U.S. Securities And Exchange Commission (SEC) explains that illegal insider trading refers to “buying or selling a security,... Read More

Lucille Ball: America’s Favorite Redhead

Lucille Ball captivated audiences across the country as she starred in situation comedy shows, movies, and other roles. Ira Riklis gives details about the life, career and other factors that led to Lucille Ball becoming America’s favorite redhead. The Beginning Of America’s Favorite Redhead Born August 6, 1911, in Jamestown New York as Lucille Désirée... Read More

Establishment Of The First U.S. Postal Service

Prior to the establishment of the postal system, ships carried mail to and from Great Britain. Locally, individuals sometimes relied on friends to deliver mail. At times, Native Americans transported mail for colonists. The process of sending mail and receiving a reply was long and unreliable. Ira Riklis shares how publisher William Goddard set the... Read More

Details Of The Rosetta Stone Discovery

When Napoleon Bonaparte returned to France after a successful campaign, future plans included quickly invading England. However, an alternative plan led him to Egypt, where his soldiers discovered the Rosetta Stone. Ira Riklis shares the discovery of the Rosetta Stone, what it is, its significance, and its importance today. Victories That Led To The Rosetta... Read More

The Grand Opening Of Disneyland

Walt Disney dreamed of a unique theme park for families and kids of all ages. However, his vision suffered several setbacks. Ira Riklis gets in depth with the details of when these setbacks finally led to the grand opening of one of the most magical places on earth. A Unique Vision For Disneyland When Disneyland... Read More
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