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How The First Gay Pride Parades Came To Be

The first gay pride parades arose out of ongoing harassment from police and others, aimed towards LGBT individuals. This week Ira Riklis shares more about the events that led to the first gay pride parades in America. Pride Parades Time-line: 1969 Stonewall Riots And Aftermath The Stonewall Riots sparked outrage among the LGBTQ community and... Read More

June Marks The Beginning Of Pride Month

The month of June is Pride Month, this week Ira Riklis shares historical insight into why and how this celebration came to be in June. As some people take part in the celebrations, events and other festivities, some other individuals likely know little about Pride Month and its history. Discover the history of the month... Read More

Events Leading Up To The Opening Of Brooklyn Bridge

Every day, more than one hundred thousand people travel across the Brooklyn Bridge, which forever provided a connection between Brooklyn and Manhattan. Few individuals traveling across the massive suspension bridge likely know the history and events leading up to the opening of the Brooklyn Bridge. Plans Begin For Brooklyn Bridge John Augustus Roebling initially created... Read More

Who Was Lawrence Of Arabia?

Lawrence of Arabia became almost a legend in his time, a reputation prevailing to the present day. Discover his identity, his accomplishments during World War I, his achievements as he traveled across Arabian countries. Learn trivia related to Lawrence of Arabia. Arabia’s Early Days Lawrence of Arabia was born Thomas Edward Lawrence in Tremadoc, Caernarvon... Read More

How May Became Jewish American Heritage Month

The first proclamation of Jewish Heritage American month was born of efforts from groups lobbying for a celebration of the contributions made by Jewish Americans as well as their heritage. Learn about the details leading up to the first resolution and official proclamation of Jewish American Heritage Month as well as recognitions since the first... Read More

The Rise In Popularity Of The Kentucky Derby

The Kentucky Derby history dates back to the 19th century. Now recognized worldwide and drawing some of the greatest names in royalty and entertainment, along with avid race fans and first-timers, the Derby adds great springtime flair to the world of horseracing. The Concept Of The Kentucky Derby Now held the first Saturday of May,... Read More

The Beginnings Of The Boston Marathon

The history of the Boston Marathon dates back to the turn of the 20th century. However, it is much more than a marathon. It commemorates another important part of American History, carried forward into the modern-day Boston Marathon. Developing The Idea Of The Boston Marathon In 1896, some people scowled at the thought of Americans... Read More
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