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Where Did New Year’s Resolutions Come From?

When people resolve to lose weight, get a new job, practice better money management or make other New Year’s resolutions, they likely do not consider that making New Year’s resolutions is not a recently created tradition. Discover where New Year’s resolutions came from and their progression to modern day New Year’s resolutions and celebrations. Ancient... Read More

The Life And Career Of John Glenn

John Glenn began his life in Cambridge, Ohio, then moved with his family at age two to the village of New Concord, located 75 miles east of Columbus. Even as a young boy, he had dreams of flying. He pursued that dream, fought in two wars, becoming recognized as a hero even before his recognition... Read More

The Real History Of The Christmas Holiday

Birth of the Christ Child, Santa Claus, holiday decorations and the smells of the holiday dinner wafting from the kitchen are just some things many people look forward to celebrating during the Christmas season. However, none of these is actually the original history of Christmas. Christmas began long before the birth of Jesus, before St.... Read More

Understanding The 13th Amendment

Some people likely believe that the Emancipation Proclamation ended slavery in the U.S. Others likely believe that the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution officially ended slavery. Learning details of the 13th Amendment provides an understanding of the history and reasoning leading up to the passage of the amendment. It also clarifies how the 13th... Read More

When Coffee Was Once Rationed

Do you enjoy that first cup of coffee in the morning? Do you look forward to the rich aroma and taste of your favorite coffee during your mid-morning break? During one period in history, people did not have the luxury of enjoying coffee whenever they liked. In fact, coffee rationing became the norm for people... Read More