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Why Do We Celebrate International Women’s Day?

International Women’s Day celebrates women around the world. However, a day honoring the accomplishments and rights of women is not a new event. Learn the history of International Women’s Day and how the annual theme honors and motivates women to continue the fight for change. History Of International Women’s Day The struggle to recognize women... Read More

Mr And Mrs Loving Change Marriage History

Mildred Loving was a black woman married to Richard Loving, a white man. They suffered discrimination and arrests over their outlawed marriage. Learn about the Lovings and how their love story changed marital laws. TheBeginning Of Mr. And Mrs. Loving Mildred Jeter was a black 17-year-old teenager when she married Richard Loving, a 23-year-old white... Read More

8 Inauguration Moments In History

Taking the oath of office as President of the United States and participating in inaugural events likely requires planning, practice, and alertness. However, like other events in life, things sometimes do not always go as planned. Learn about eight unforgettable moments in inaugural history. 8 Unlikely Inaugural Moments 1. The Forgotten Bible During the inauguration... Read More

The Story Behind NASA’s Human Computers

The little-known details of the women who worked behind the scenes at NASA recently came to light in the movie Hidden Figures. The fact that the women worked for NASA throughout the years of the space program is not the only surprising information about the human computers of NASA. Discover astonishing details of the Hidden... Read More

Where Did New Year’s Resolutions Come From?

When people resolve to lose weight, get a new job, practice better money management or make other New Year’s resolutions, they likely do not consider that making New Year’s resolutions is not a recently created tradition. Discover where New Year’s resolutions came from and their progression to modern day New Year’s resolutions and celebrations. Ancient... Read More