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History Of Ethiopia

How Abyssinia Became Ethiopia

Ethiopia, historically known as Abyssinia derived its name from Greek world Ethiopia. In 1889, Italians entered Eritrea via the coast of the red sea and signed a treaty with the Ethiopian government. They later declare Ethiopia to be under their protectorate, which was dismissed and the treaty was repudiated. Italian were defeated in financed battle and left Ethiopia, but gained control over Eritrea.

Ethiopia vs. Italy

In 1889, Italian entered the coast of Ethiopia, and Menelik II, who was the ruler responded by making an alliance by signing a treaty of Uccialli. This treaty allowed Italy to cede territories in the north of Ethiopia around Asmara, Massawa, Karen and Eritrea. On this basis, Italy declares to the world that Ethiopia is now under Italian protectorate. In 1890, Menelik dismisses this claim and repudiated the entire treaty in 1893. The Italians responded by fighting to impose their protectorate by force and were later defeated by Ethiopian troops.

Ethiopia vs. Eritrea

During the first half of the century, with the Italians in possession of Eritrea, Ethiopia was landlocked. This forced Haile Selassie to redress this deficiency. In 1945, Ethiopia expressed its interest to access the sea through the possession of Eritrea. When United Nations considers the futures of Eritrea, 1948-50, U.S applied pressure for its annexation by Ethiopia. In 1950 UN declares Eritrea to become part of Ethiopia from 1952, as an autonomous federal province with its on elected government and constitution. The relationship was not good as Eritrea continuously demands for its independence, and in 1974 Eritrea was offered the unexpected chance to achieve its aim, when Ethiopia was convulsed by a major upheaval.

Ethiopia vs. Abyssinia

Abyssinia was a small nation which lasted only for eight years, 1952-1959. However, it was one of the few truly democratic nations in the world at its inception and the only one to have restored order in the entire East Africa. Abyssinia founded in 1952 as one of the many post-revolution nations. It was a stable government in Africa until a crisis stated rocking the foundation of the government in 1958. The government collapsed in 1959, and unlike the collapse of other post-revolution nations, Abyssinia collapsed completely. This left the power vacuum in the region, which was partially filled by Na-Na-Nine, currently known as pirates and the Neo Old Kingdom. After the collapse of Abyssinia, the nation became part of current republic of Ethiopia.

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