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History of the Morris Family In Philadelphia

It was the year 1685 when colonist Anthony Morris decided to settle in at William Penn’s “Green Towne Country” as it was called. This is where Mr. Morris became one of the first mayors in all of Philadelphia. He was also a preacher, a judge, and even a brew master.

Anthony had a son named Luke Wistar Morris who was a prominent figure in Philadelphia, and a success in the manufacturing industry. Anthony’s grandson, Samuel, founded the Gloucester Hunting Club. This group ended up contributing 22 horsemen to the Philadelphia City Cavalry, of which Samuel was the captain.

The Morris family built an estate in 1787 that would be home to the family for more than the next 120 years. In 1790, residents would wave to Thomas Jefferson from the Morris House as he returned home from evening walks. Even George Washington would stroll by as the newly appointed President of the United States. And just as these men were prominent figures in the area, so was Anthony Morris and his family.

In 1914 the Morris family restored both the north and south sides of the home, and tore down an adjoining home to make room for an extraordinary garden. Otherwise, there have been very few changes made to the Morris House throughout the years. In fact, the architecture has never been changed and the home is thought of as one of the most handsome historic brick buildings in the area thanks to proper preservation.

Because of the lasting contribution and impact the home has had on the country’s history, the Morris House was designated as a National Historic Landmark in 1967. Today, the Morris House tells a rich story of colonial life. People from all over the world come to visit the beautiful home and all of the history that it holds with it.

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